June 7, 2024

Come reserve your new puppy.  We will have a litter this fall.  Contact us or watch our website for updates.  We are located in Brevard County Florida. The puppies have great personalities and are interacting with our adults for socialization.

Visit our pups available page for pictures of these cuties.

We get several texts and emails.  If you are serious about getting a HAVANESE, we recommend that you call us at 321.480.5211.  We are FaceTime friendly by appointment.

Visit Available Puppies Available Puppies In Florida Page

Since we have only two litters a year, the majority of our puppies stay within Brevard County.  We don’t ship so unless you are coming to our door to pick up a puppy, please find a breeder in your own State.   We don’t encourage purchasing any puppy that requires shipping or paying for someone who you don’t know to transport a puppy.

Please check our available puppies page to see our puppies that currently have Florida health certificates and are ready to go home.  We look forward to meeting prospective buyers at our house.

 Who We Are

We are an established in-home family Havanese breeder in Florida. Our Havanese puppies are raised in our home exposed to family members, other dogs, residential neighborhood noises, social skills and potty training.  The Havanese Puppies come with a health guarantee.  The parents are health tested.  We only have 2-3 litters a year.

We started breeding Havanese in the early 2000’s.  We have a friends and family network that have placed several Havanese puppies throughout Florida, Texas, Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, New York, Connecticut, New Jersey, Georgia, and many other states.

We look forward to providing Florida residents and seasonal residents with quality pets.  We can provide quality pets from known and proven lines.

We only have 3 adult dogs in our home, so you can be assured your puppy is raised in our home, inside under our roof.

Hidden Bay Havanese puppies 🐶 playing

VISIT OUR PHOTO GALLERY to see pictures of our Havanese

Since we have been breeding Havanese puppies for several years, we have established a very clean lines. Our adults are NOT carriers of the commonly known Havanese genetic issues.  Our Havanese are health tested.

Our HAVANESE PUPPIES FOR SALE IN FLORIDA are from lines proven for generations.  If you visit the link above we update our pages as soon as a puppy is reserved.  You will be able see if we currently have available.

Havanese are a smart and friendly breed. They are desirable because most all people with allergies do not react to them. We might hesitate to call a Havanese dog “hypo-allergenic”, but for people with allergies, because do not shed.  Find out more about Havanese Ownership Here.


Find us at Hidden Bay Havanese  or email:  HiddenBayHavanese@gmail.com          View our Havanese Puppies For Sale in Florida

        We have delivery services available across the continental USA for an extra fee

We look forward to hearing from you soon at Hidden Bay Havanese. Feel free to call us at 321-480-5211. We would love to speak Havanese with you.

We have placed puppies in Florida, Texas, Georgia, Michigan, New York, Connecticut, Indiana, Illinois and will do more!

We keep our Havanese Puppies For Sale updated often, so check back, pick one you will love and call us for Havanese Puppy Pricing

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