Havanese having fun

Hidden Bay Havanese adults having fun

We have been around for a long time and are experienced Havanese Breeders.  We have been in Florida, Texas, and Michigan with our babies since the early 2000’s.  We took a break from breeding for a few years.  One dog restricts your from some of the freedoms that you might have, but having a litter leaves you at home 24/7.  We decided it’s time to start again.

Fortunately, we had friends and family who continued to breed Havanese.  Throughout the years, since the beginning (even before recognized by AKC), my community of breeders has been able to successfully gain healthy lines.

If you select a puppy based upon price alone with a newer breeder without proven lines, the incidence of common genetic issues “could” resurface.  Some of the issues we saw “back in the day”

-Lack of pigment, Havanese that didn’t have complete black noses or eyelids (they were pink in parts.

-Congenital Heart Defects, puppies that were born with murmers beyond repair.

-overbites/underbites, not terrible or life threatening for pet quality, but good breeders stop breeding them when bad bites present themselves.

Cancer-Some of the older lineage had a predeposition to cancer.  This wouldn’t have presented itself until the puppy was older.

Bowed legs/Toes pointed out, an experienced breeder doesn’t breed an adult with these issues.  A simple veterinarian inspection could have ruled out bad breeding stock.

Loose patellas that result in really expensive surgery

Cleft Palates

Juvenile Cataracts:  These cataracts present themselves earlier on.  Since dogs (and humans) have a high potential to develop cataracts an an older age, we would not be able to control that.

Liver Shunts:  A horrible genetic defect, that will shorten the dogs life.  It really can make the dog feel miserable.   Sometimes a special diet can help lengthen the dogs life, but they just don’t feel good.  There is surgery available for several thousand dollars.






A typical Havanese is family friendly, great with children and pretty much game for everything.  We make sure our Havanese adults have great temperaments.  Since our Havanese live in our home, personality is very important to us.  Our adults are smart, loving, and eager to be involved with everything.  This is important to you, because we don’t breed just any dog.  We feel the temperament of the parents is very important.   Temperament may not be a consideration for a large breeder who doesn’t actually live with the adults inside on a daily basis.

Havanese are non-shedding and some refer to them as hypoallergenic.  We are a family with dog allergies and do not react to them, but an allergist may argue that a dog can not be hypoallergenic.  If you have severe allergies to dander, you should consider exposing yourself to a Havanese prior to a commitment to purchase one.

Non-shedding is a great benefit that the Havanese offer, but the coat will take maintenance.  Do you see the photos of the long silky coat Havanese?  They are beautiful dogs with great coats that take maintenance.  A havanese under coat is going to mat, unless it is brushed out frequently.  Your puppies coat will be easier to maintain until the adult coat comes in.  It’s best to plan to take your Havanese to a groomer on a regular basis to avoid mats and have a brushing routine.  There are groomers who are more experienced with Havanese cuts, but it’s best to bring in a photo of what you want.   Many people who own a Havanese will have a horror story about picking up their puppy from a groomer who didn’t understand how to groom a Havanese.  You don’t have to feel bad about leaving the hair in a shorter puppy cut or teddy bear cut to make it easier to maintain.