Havanese Delivery Service From Hidden Bay

We do NOT ship our Havanese in cargo areas.  We are not here to knock other breeders that do, but we have a very limited amount of puppies per year.  We become attached to our puppies and enjoy meeting the new owners as part of our extended family.

We will personally deliver throughout the US (for a fee) or you can have a service deliver them.  We recommend that you determine how you will get the puppy in it’s go home date.  We can meet you at Melbourne airport free of charge.   You must fly in and pick your puppy up.  We will NOT ship in cargo.

We need to clarify to this to out of State buyers.  You can’t leave a deposit on a puppy and just show up whenever you want to.  We set a go home date. If previous arrangements aren’t made in advance 6 days prior to go home date, your deposit will be refunded and the puppy will be made available to Florida buyers who are eagerly waiting and ready to pick up their new puppy.

Florida Residents:

Contact us if you need special arrangements, otherwise plan on picking up at our home on delivery date.